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Sunshade Tent for Fishing TOMSHOO® Features

The TOMSHOO brand camping tent is very suitable for fishing, picnic or beach sports activities. Overall the item weights around 900 g, which is about 2 lb. The tent is lightweight so makes it much easy to carry out. It has durable design and good quality ventilation. Hence, users may feel comfortable when inside the tent. Its package has a number of tent accessories such as poles and tent pegs. You can find a carry bag in the package, so you can put the whole tent inside the carry bag. Its fabric material is silver coated polyester taffeta. For the ground sheet it is made of oxford fabric. I will discuss with more details about these two kinds of materials.



Sunshade Tent for Fishing TOMSHOO® Material Types

Polyester taffeta

Usually, polyester taffeta is put through a moire finish. polyester taffeta is also naturally UV-resistant and has a low moisture retention rating. Yarn dying taffeta usually comes with a heavier taffeta. Batch-dyed type taffeta is overall more soft than traditional ones. Therefore, it is usually used as insulation. In this case the material can allow moisture to dry rapidly. Polyester taffeta resists stretching and sagging. The material can come in a wide range of colors which include such as metallic hues. Taffeta is usually used for home dress, home accessories, ribbons, couture fashion, georgette, umbrellas. Taffeta can be soft or stiff, so it can be lightweight or even heavy.  Softer taffetas is often used in a variety of linings, or in electrical insulation. Stains should be indicated to dry cleaning professionals. It should be protected with special care if stain has been used.

Oxford fabric

Generally speaking, Oxford fabric cloth was made with pure cotton. However, the majority of oxford fabric are now made by incorporating synthetic fibers for example rayon. It has two main types: pinpoint oxford and royal oxford. Overall oxford fabric is very comfortable to wear despite it is a little coarse. Actually it becomes quite popular in modern time and home cloth. The former type is created by a finer yarn and tighter basket weave. Therefore, it is softer and smoother texture than a traditional Oxford cloth. The Oxford fabric or cloth was one of four modernest fabrics named after the most popular universities, I mean Oxford or Cambridge in a Scottish fabric material. History of these materials can be back to the 19th century. The idea of fabric material is based on basket weave structure that made by weaving multiple yarns. Royal Oxford has a typical shine and texture. It is the most common sveltest type of the Oxford weaves. It is a fabric that needs less protection than most other fabrics. Oxford fabrics are very affordable because it has yarn that can be used for weaving.  All these things get together by passing them over one another in vertical and horizontal directions.




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