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Swimming Goggles Introduction

Swimming is certainly a fun activity, though, it’s more enjoyable if you have gotten the right swim equipment on. Swim goggles are some of the items you’ll find valuable to you when swimming. They’re helpful indoors as well as in low light to provide excellent visibility. With Kayenne swimming goggles, which actually comes with a relatively easy time seeing clearly under water, that enhances enjoyment throughout the activity. Kayenne swimming goggles is often a benefit which will actually improve the performance of the competitive swimmer since monitoring other swimmers is created easily. Easy buckle change system is a tremendous feature of good swimming goggles. The kayenne swimming goggles will provide you with an easy time getting the right fit ostentatious to keep the glasses constantly in place and comfortable enough for you. The buckle system usually supplies you with a straightforward time producing simple adjustments regardless of whenever you’re putting on the swimming goggles. A suitable and safe nose bridge shouldn’t be overlooked. This swimming goggles is really a place that is certainly easy to irritate considering that the glasses sit on it throughout a swimming program. You must, therefore, ensure you remain more comfortable with the right fit by having a look at the comfort levels in the nose bridge.

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Swimming Goggles Aqua Sphere Kayenne Goggles

The Kayenne recently introduced swimming goggles to the market.  Their Oversized lenses with patented curved lens technology provide you with style while providing an undistorted, extended, 180-degree field of vision. Aqua Sphere Eye Protection was made in Italy, but leads the industry with its swimming goggles patented curved lens design, easily adjustable secure buckles, and ease through ergonomic designs and exclusive materials. The Aqua Sphere design team’s pledges to innovation are located in the engineering of each product as well as its extensive research in materials and different applications of swimming goggles. The Aqua Sphere Eye Protection collection addresses the requirements of all swimmers, whether swimming in open water or pool.

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Swimming Goggles Product Details & Features

  • The Kayenne goggles with clear lenses are designed to supply the greatest visibility indoors or even in low light.
  • Oversized, very durable Plexisol lens for 4-point expanded, 180-degree brightness
  • All-in-one, hydrodynamic micro frame made from a pure, hypoallergenic Softeril.
  • Simple-Touch, Quick-Fit Buckle for perfect fit with simple adjustments – while wearing
  • Anti-fog and scratch resistant lens
  • The Kayenne with very clear lenses are designed to offer the greatest visibility indoors or perhaps in low light.
  • Oversized, exceptionally durable Plexisol lens for 4-point expanded, 180-degree visibility
  • One-piece, hydrodynamic micro frame manufactured from hypoallergenic Softeril
  • One-touch, Quick-Fit Buckle for a perfect fit with simple adjustments – while wearing
  • Anti-fog and scratch resistant lens

swimming goggles Clear Lens

Environment: indoor pools and dark conditions.

Transmit an all-natural light, making it ideal for low light, overcast conditions where maximum visibility is necessary. Clear Lens is also perfect for consistent lighting since it provides precise vision without sifting our color.

swimming goggles Dark Lens

Surroundings: Outdoor, sunny conditions.

Reduces light transmission towards the eye, reducing brightness and glare, making it well suited for conditions with good lights levels (direct sunshine and bright environments).

swimming goggles Diverged Lens

Environment: open-air, sunny conditions.

Using its own layering and bonding process, polarized lenses sieve light and prevent the glare reflected off polished surfaces, for instance, water, and enrich the color difference for extreme sharp image and better perception.

swimming goggles Mirrored Lens

Environment: Outdoor, sunny conditions.

The metalized coating is usually applied on the surface of a dark lens, contributing to the maximum decrease in light transmission to the eye. This lens reducing brightness and glare, making it suitable for conditions with higher light levels (direct sunshine and bright conditions).  I’ve been an everyday swimmer for over 30 years. I’ve used Speedo Ultra’s, Swedish swimming goggles, Barracuda salt&fresh water swimming goggles, Speedo Subjugators, and Aqua Sphere Vistas. I’ve used these swimming goggles for the significant number of times.

swimming goggles

Swimming Goggles Hands on Testing

While every one of these swimming goggles have something to comment about them, none of them could do what Kayenne’s   can do. The Ultras will always be on *no matter what*, but they are uncomfortable. The Swedish Swedish goggles are unusually comfortable, but they are very prone to failure during racing starts or dives (and don’t tell me, it is because they weren’t on perfectly–this stuff messed up Michael Phelps for the Goodwill games). Barracuda’s swimming goggles are majorly for lap swimming; they are very comfortable, but I lost mine while swimming in the sea (and never even think of it with regards to a racing start or forceful flip shot). The Vanquishers swimming goggle look very cool, but aren’t excellent (I used them for just a short time). The Vista’s I actually like, though, I still wear it from time to time, but aren’t good for forceful turns or racing starts; they’re nevertheless, an incredible lap swimming google. The Kayenne swimming goggles does the swimming work properly. It is as good as the Vistas and race worthy as my longstanding Ultras. There are three different sized versions of the Kayenne: Regular, ladies, and youth. I recommend going for the regular’s first if you know that you have a small face. The fit and finish of these swimming goggles is a cut above anything I’ve actually tried. Only the Barracudas (the high-end ones) employ a comparable degree of finish, and they are very easy to use, but these are extremely vulnerable to slipping. My Kayennes never slip, they never drip, and (when joined with Spit Brand anti-fog spray) they never fog.



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