Warm Wetsuit 3mm Neoprene Vest UV Protection Swimming

Warm Wetsuit Overview

Are you willing to do some open water swimming? Then, you’ll be looking for just a thinner warm wetsuit which will provide a full variety of motion, still help you stay warm, and stay durable. Hurricane Wetsuits are terrific opportunities for men and women. Every Hurricane warm wetsuit begins as a Category 1. Nevertheless, many have the potential to get a whole lot better. We allied with Andy Potts to create a streamlined version of the more advanced Hurricane Series Wetsuits and integrated some in the highlights of the higher level suits to produce the Men’s Category 1 warm wetsuit, a triathlon suit that increases performance and minimizes cost.

Warm Wetsuit

Warm Wetsuit Specifications

  • Color: Black, Black/Gray
  • Free R.O.M. areas
  • Remove constraint inside shoulders & back
  • Fitting wrist cuffs keep water from going into the suit
  • Swift releases ankle cuffs
  • Permits the triathlete to remove the suit easily in T1
  • Speed Wrap Lining
  • Elevate the swimmer from the water to lessen form drag.

Warm Wetsuit

Warm Wetsuit Features

Heading for a while below the top? Then you’ll certainly like a hurricane warm wetsuit that is the little thicker to offer extra warmth while you head down for a few scuba time. Here’re some great alternatives for men and women to assist you to focus on the sites beneath the water as opposed to being cold!

  • A Hurricane warm wetsuit keeps you warm underwater; it also safeguards you from the sun, wounds, scrapes and stings. Very vital, right? An excellent quality warm wetsuit can be a sound investment for your comfort and safety when diving.
  • The most satisfying part about getting your warm wetsuit is that, you’ll never have to deal with the discomfort of such terrible pee scented rental suits anymore. If that doesn’t ensure you get excited about getting a warm wetsuit, I don’t know what will!
  • When it comes to the time to start your hunt for the best warm wetsuit for diving, the Hurricane warm wetsuit will keep you warm and could take you for several years of underwater adventures.

Warm Wetsuit

Warm Wetsuit Hands on Testing

I bought hurricane size TYR for Triathlons. My sizes are the 18-inch neck, 36″ waist, 6’2″ 225lbs…a Clydesdale in America terms. It’s a great decent suit and STRESS-FREE to put on and off in comparison with my warm wetsuit used by surfing and diving. I swam the Olympic distance last weekend in water which was 65 degrees. I was hot at the end but the buoyancy the hurricane suit gave me and the flexibility it offered made the warm wetsuit to worth the price. I also used the warm wetsuit for my 2nd Olympic distance, and it’s  a GREAT suit. For the period of the race, I forgot to rub Body Glide slightly round the neck also; it troubled my neck a bit during the bilateral breathing on my right side, but that was my fault. I hand washed it and hung out to dry and yes it still appears and smells completely new! Remember to turn thoroughly after one side is dry and lay the warm wetsuit over to dry again. The warm wetsuit has very-good fit and flotation, particularly in the legs, but VERY  susceptible to tearing. The most serious tear inside the suit – a 6″ gash across the right calf – occurred after its first used in a 2016 spring tri. Regrettably, I did not see the tear until approximately six months later when another cold-water event requested its use. By then the warranty is still intact. Therefore, the good people at TYR  replace the suit for me; they also, send me a repair kit cost-free of charge, which is very nice.

Warm Wetsuit

However, the hurricane warm wetsuit (after the total now of three open-water events along with perhaps a dozen training miles in the pool) is dotted because there are many nicks and tears, which I’ve resigned myself to the futility when trying their repair. Some tears look like the tell-tale crescent-shape of the fingernail, and are my fault, although my nails have become trimmed. Some others can’t be explained by fingernail gouges (tears throughout the chest, the bicep, the knee, etc.). Notwithstanding, a hurricane suit on this price-range really should be more robust. (I am having a two-year-old $89 Neosport sleeveless, although it is not as buoyant, has withstood many open-water trials and never ending hours in pools, both chlorinated and salt water, without any tears whatsoever.) I am disappointed in the H1 as I otherwise have regard for TYR’s series.



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