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Sports Watch Overview

The sports watch has got a scatter gun strategy to wearable design, releasing several devices with changing form and functionality. It was superb if you were considering something different to the all-too-similar Android Wear devices. When going through the sports watch, it’s clear that the product has learned by reviewing the past successes and failures. More significantly the updated Tizen OS continues to be flawlessly tailored into a smartwatch screen, with probably the best user interface, I’ve seen on a smartwatch, making outstanding standby time with the tactile rotating bezel. The sports watch is suitable for Android 4.3 and IOS 8 phones.

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Sports Watch Hands on


The sports watch comes with an entirely circular AMOLED touchscreen measuring 1.2-inches in diameter. That makes it smaller compared to the shows on the Huawei Watch and Moto 360. Despite having a smaller screen than its rivals, it does not impact usability, at any point during my testing did I feel let down by the size. The device actually impresses with a  high resolution of 360 x 360 pixels. Thanks to the moderately small screen, this provides you with a pixel density of 302ppi, matching the 42mm Apple Watch’s retina display the sharpest smartwatch screen available right now. The pixel density actually stands out when putting the sports watch near to other circular smartwatches. It’s clearly much sharper, and flawless for that reason. It’s my belief that circular displays tend to be more aesthetically appealing as compared to the square show off the Apple Watch and Sony Smartwatch 3. It only looks very similar to a traditional, analog watch. With regards to its functionality, it was difficult to make a case because of it being better or worse. There’s an obvious gap between the display and also the topmost level of glass on the screen. You’d think this sets back the viewing angles,  no sunlight, but that’s not the case. It does result in the watch appearing somewhat more retro nevertheless.

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Battery life

The sports watch has a 180 mAh battery, which is essentially quite small for the modern smartwatch. This is actually  good for about 2 or 3 days use with it always on display powered down, and around 1.5 days with it turned on. I found this to be absolutely correct, with the watch lasting around 72 hours with mixed use at a push. When the battery life is around  5 percent, the sports watch will prompt one to activate battery saving mode, which reduces most of the features to increase the battery life for some time. This is an existing feature. However, this does leave the sports watch critically under-powered till you get to a plug socket. In short, the battery life is excellent, superior to most of its Android Wear counterparts, even when it’s definitely not a stand out performer like the Pebble Time. I’d like to see a five-day battery life, but genuinely this is not going to happen. Charging the battery to make it full is about an hour, which isn’t bad. The charging connector is a mixture of the Moto 360 charger and the Apple Watch dock. The sports watch has wireless charging, and sits in its cradle with magnets, stopping the wearable from falling out. It’s neat little dock and features a LED on the front which turns from red to green if the sports watch has finished charging.


The sports watch functions like every other smartwatch, it alerts you to texts, emails, and other smartphone notifications track your steps and runs several apps on it. When you get a smartphone notification, this sports watch vibrates and displays the message to you. You can decide to dismiss it, or relate to it.

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Sports Watch Verdict

The sports watch is one on the best smartwatches in the marketplace; the company has apparently learned so much from their past attempts, along with their rivals. It’s the personification of the company’s ability to iterate under the public eye, the culmination of numerous attempts to have a type of product that we collectively have only had just started to manifest. The device actually feels like a step forward in smartwatch design, the rotating bezel, and Tizen OS are genuinely useful innovations. We can’t wait to see this start showing on other smartwatches. It’s an encouraging sign for smartwatch fans. The sports watch is unquestionably one of the best smartwatches available, and it is actually worth taking note of over similarly priced Android Wear devices.


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