Waterproof Watch Sunroad® Altimeter Compass Outdoor Barometer

Waterproof Watch Introduction

Summer is in full swing and once in a while, you may need to hop into a pool to stay cool. If you are an ardent swimmer and would like to get a waterproof watch, the many options available to choose from might easily confuse you. Some are way too expensive while others are over-praised to conceal any demerits that it might be having.

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Waterproof Watch Sunroad® Technological Features

However, unlike the commonly available waterproof watches flooding the markets, there’s one type that is currently topping the charts thanks to its ingenuity and its many features. You might, as well, refer to it as a technological marvel that doesn’t cost much, yet suits everyone’s needs.

Are you a sporting and outdoor activities aficionado?

Perhaps an awesome companion for any sports lover, this brand also works as a barometer, compass, thermometer, and altimeter. It, additionally, records the distance covered, your body’s calorie count and adjusts to daylight saving time difference automatically. This means that, unlike the conventional watches, Sunroad FR802A 5ATM Waterproof watch suits your outdoor summer expeditions that include swimming pretty well.

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Higher than ordinary waterproof score

You will need to keep in mind that although the waterproof watch is possibly more superior than the rest, it is a premium watch with 10-level contrast adjustment of LCD. Such powerful feature with the EL backlight and a waterproof score of 5ATM simply highlights the class that it belongs. Remember that the CR2032 button battery is also waterproof.

Made to last

It often takes unmatched ingenuity and high levels of technology to put together a thermometer, a barometer, a compass and all the other features and create a watch. While all that are expertly assembled before creating such a handy, contemporary device, this Sunroad FR802A 5ATM Waterproof is made using glass and steel. The waterproof watch is also lightweight and black to enhance its elegance, and the display area is wide enough to show everything clearly.

Other useful features to note

  • The Altimeter display range is -1640ft to 32760ft
  • Thermometer display range is -4 Fahrenheit to 140 Fahrenheit
  • The Compass – 360 Degrees with eight directions
  • Relatively cheaper than the other brands with similar features
  • Comes with a warranty

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Waterproof Watch Sunroad® The Bottom Line

Buying Sunroad FR802A 5ATM Waterproof watch is, seemingly, a safe bet owing to the many useful features and benefits beyond being just a watch. The waterproof watch comes with a clean cloth that is used during cleaning along with a starting manual. By and large, Sunroad FR802A 5ATM Waterproof is worth every piece of your cash.


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