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Mini GPS Tracker Features Overview

Hate them or love them, doubt them or trust them, they have swiftly become a necessary gadget for all sorts of outdoor adventure. Mini GPS devices have the ability to check your current position, and without lifting a finger, you can record your route, thanks to GPS of course! All GPS models don’t have their fingers equal; hence, some offer advanced, additional features such as altimeters or cameras. Whatever your need for a handheld GPS, don’t dip hands into your pocket to buy one just yet without reading this article to the end. Every bit of information in it will nourish your buying decision.

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Mini GPS Tracker Hands on Testing

The fundamental question to ask before any other is “what do I need it for?”

We buy GPS devices for motorbikes, cars, on foot, and bicycles. Every one of these has their right in their respective areas; therefore, we will concentrate on handheld or mini GPS gadgets designed for orienteering, geocaching, walking, and other outdoor adventures.

One of the simpler models of GPS devices is all you just need to check your position in latitude or longitude as a backup for compass navigation and traditional map. The smallest GPS gadgets are often watch-sized like the PG03 Mini GPS and handy in the case of emergency. They are primarily targeted at the sports niche and are ideal for recording speed and distance. They do not have screen mapping, so the idea of getting your location is generally out of the equation.

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Just like what you will see in the PG03 Mini GPS, they do not have any flipping antenna and have a much smaller screen size that a typical GPS unit. They may seem to pose an issue, but far from it – reading them is so clear and easy and proves no problem. The watch size of the PG03 Mini GPS makes it ideal to fit nicely into your pocket anytime you are out of your car or off the road. People who love choosing their route beforehand can effortlessly do this with PG03 which allows destination point set, up to a maximum of 16 points. Besides, it features other travel tools such as distance recorder (with the ability to record time spent), altimeter, speedometer, and a satellite synchronized clock.

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Mini GPS Tracker Final Thoughts

The mini GPS Tacking device which has a positioning accuracy of 5-15m is perfect for drift, camping, hiking, climbing, etc. Together with its built-in lithium-ion battery, a screen size of 3.5 inches, and dimensions of 65*53*21mm, it remains clear that its makers had ensured that explorers never get lost again.

Other Desirable Features of the PG03 Mini GPS:

  • Watch-like Mini Shape
  • Compact, easy to carry
  • Back-lit display
  • Multifunction with simple operation

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