XIAOMI M365 Electric Scooter Only Designed for You

The XIAOMI M365 scooter is made from a durable, durable aluminum alloy, with a maximum weight of 100 kg. With its advanced E-ABS double-acting brake system, kinetic energy-saving, control, and intelligent BMS systems, this Xiaomi scooter is “smart” and easy to use. Its unique folding design allows it to carry anywhere with itself and save space.

The integrated 18650 lithium battery and the Xiaomi M365’s 250 W motor provide fast 25 km / h speed and 30 km of single charge. Meanwhile, the Smart App software monitors your driving habits, speed, and so on. t

The double-acting braking system ensures safety, including the front-wheel E-ABS and rear-wheel mechanical disc brakes. This solution effectively increases the braking response and shortens the parking distance to 4 meters, making the journey safer. Energy-saving systems convert kinetic energy into electrical energy, ensuring longer battery life and increasing recharge stroke. 4 LEDs indicate battery charge, advanced battery management lets you know their status. Even with six safety features, the scooter’s safety and durability are enhanced:

1, short circuit protection;

2,overcurrent protection;

3, protection against excessive discharge;

4, overpressure protection;

5, Low Voltage Protection;

6, protection against temperature changes.

The 8.5-inch inflatable tire is shock-resistant and made from non-slip material, and is suitable for most road conditions. Extremely high front and rear lights increase visibility and night-time driving safety. The XIAOMI M365 weighs just 12.5 kg and is easy to fold with a few simple movements, which makes it particularly convenient for transport and does not take much space at home. The scooter is protected from moisture in accordance with IP54 standard.


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