Lixada F001M Underwater Camera Fishing Kit,-$30 Discount

The Lixada F001M that  you might be looking at now’s the most recent popular, gorgeous hunting and effortless underwater camera system. Not simply does it have a very big coloration display, but Lixada F001M also provides a HDTV digital camera with a thousand Television lines. On top of that, there are actually 12 high-power infrared gentles for that camera light-weight supply, the 12 infrared gentle as well as camera separately, to prevent drinking water fog to the digicam. Apps: Monitoring aquaculture, underwater exploration, marine / ice / lake fishing/ swimming / diving / snorkeling could be. That a good Fishing Gear for you.





Y6440-15-EU-1-974f-C06v Y6440-15-EU-1-974f-Q6pg Y6440-15-EU-1-974f-STdW Y6440-15-EU-1-974f-vDBo Y6440-15-EU-1-974f-vlUc Y6440-15-EU-1-974f-x3nXLixada F001M attributee:
Heavy thick aluminum storage box for all information, simple to carry. 7-inch TFT colour monitor with sun visor, watertight, aluminum fish model style and durable materials over the digicam body. Cold-resistant, water-resistant and pull-resistant cables. You may adjust the direction from the camera with the aid of cables and hoops. Steady use of the battery approximately eight hrs. LED equipment brightness adjustment. Twelve infrared lamps are useful for the digital camera light supply. 92 diploma wide-angle exhibit about the display screen real-time data. Watertight and practical 1000TVL high-resolution underwater camera program can make a clearer photograph.

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